Thanks for visiting Knot & Nous, the hub for all my online content! Here you’ll find my blog which contains my musings on those topics you don’t talk about in polite company: politics and religion! Additionally, I will post ministry updates for my supporters.

Why Substack?

Substack has proven to be the true one-stop shop that I’m looking for. For a few years now, I have made content across various websites and content hosts. I have had one website for my ministry, another for my blog, another for my supporters, etc. Substack allows me to combine all of that. The only thing that remains off-site is my e-commerce platform, which is largely automated anyway. Substack is also a company that promotes the values that I do. My previous web hosts have grown increasingly political in the past few years as most corporations seem to these days, and as such, I feel it’s important to find service providers that are in line with what I believe is important.

Simply put, Substack makes it easy for me to make content, and it makes it easy for you to follow and support it.


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